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                                     TOWN OF BRILLION



    BASTIAN RD & EAST (Monday)              WEST OF BASTIAN RD (Tuesday)

   JANUARY (day late-Holiday) 2, 15, 29                JANUARY (day late-Holiday) 3, 16, 30
   FEBRUARY 12, 26                                               FEBRUARY 13, 27
   MARCH 12, 26                                                     MARCH 13, 27
   APRIL 9, 23                                                          APRIL 10, 24
   MAY 7, 21                                                             MAY 8, 22
   JUNE 4, 18                                                           JUNE 5, 19
   JULY 2, 16, 30                                                     JULY 3, 17, 31
   AUGUST 13, 27                                                   AUGUST 14, 28
   SEPTEMBER 10, 24                                            SEPTEMBER 11, 25
   OCTOBER 8, 22                                                  OCTOBER 9, 23
   NOVEMBER 5, 19                                               NOVEMBER 6, 20
   DECEMBER 3, 17, 31                                         DECEMBER 4, 18



Trash containers delivered to your residence are 90 gallons at the cost of $140.00 per year. To order a new container, or upgrade to a 90-gallon container, contact the clerk at 920-756-5363.

REMINDER – Do not put hot ashes in trash or recycling containers. This practice not only causes damage to the carts, but also causes the trash in the disposal truck to catch on fire. Residents will be responsible for any charges incurred to repair or replace carts due to fire damage.

Trash/recycling containers should be removed from the roadside as soon as possible to avoid damage to the containers. If at any time your trash and/or recycling are NOT picked up on the regularly scheduled day, call Advanced Disposal Customer Service at 920-458-6030.

SINGLE-STREAM RECYCLING - For more information on recycling please visit the Town of Brillion’s website at www.townofbrillion.com. The cost of each recycling cart for 2018 is $25.00 per year and will be reflected on your property tax bill. If you would like to order an additional recycling cart at $25.00 please contact the clerk at 920-756-5363.


Click on this link to see what is acceptable to recycle!

2018 Town of Brillion Recycling Guide

2018 Electronic Recycling Events from 1-6 pm in the following area municipalities:

• Harrison Public Works Garage, June 13

Waste electronics include televisions, computers, VCR’s and household appliances. No appointments are required for these events. There is a fee for televisions and computer monitors; other items can be dropped off for free. For more information please go to www.calumetrecycles.com.

          2018 Hazardous Waste Disposal Events from 9-11 am in the following area municipalities:

• City of New Holstein Public Works Garage – June 2
• Harrison Public Works Garage - August 4
• City of Brillion Public Works Garage – September 7

Appointments are required. For more information or to make an appointment please visit www.calumetrecycles.com (after 1/15/2018) or call 920-849-2361, Ext. 750.

Hazardous wastes are products that have labels including the words caution, poison, combustible, danger, warning, flammable, or corrosive. Hazardous wastes that can be brought to the disposal program include, but are not limited to, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, rodent baits, lead and oil based paints, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, bug sprays, old gasoline, transmission fluid and antifreeze. Latex paint IS NOT ACCEPTED.

Other recycling options include – free disposal of most electronics and appliances at Norsec Computer Recyclers, LLC, www.recyclegreenbay.com, located at 809 Prosper St, DePere, WI 54115, (920) 660-8181.

Bulky items can be taken to Hickory Hills Landfill – W3105 Schneider Road, Hilbert,
(920) 853-8553. They do not accept electronics. $40.00 minimum charge.

Purchase a “Sticker” through the Town of Brillion and we arrange pickup of your bulky item through Advanced Disposal. $50.00 for the first bulky item (without refrigeration) and $25.00 per item after the first item.