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Town Board Meeting
Sep 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Levi Gibler, Karen Jannette, Sharon Ott, and Darryl Parkin attending.

Guests: Dale Behnke-Rural Insurance, Carl Weber, Cheri and Vince Hieptas, Heather Gibler, Bob Stanelle and Richard Jankowski.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve August meeting minutes.

Public Participation – Richard asked how much rain damage occurred after rain event. 8” was reported in Forest Junction. Clerk and chairman did not receive any calls. There was one issue on Wildflower Lane that needed attention.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to approve Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer reported to the board that she received a non-sufficient funds notice from a check she received for a building permit. The State Bank did not add a penalty to it. MSC by Gibler/Fischer to add a $25.00 charge to NSF checks.

Dale Behnke from Rural Insurance went through the current coverage on all equipment and tools and adjusted their value to an agreed value. Dale will update policy to reflect new values and also do an account review. Clerk was given a renewal questionnaire to complete.

Budget Planning Meeting scheduled for October 23rd at 7:00 pm.

Discussion continued regarding the trash and recycling problems at the apartment rental building on Main Street in Forest Junction. The yellow line was painted for the renters to bring the 6 carts out to. Last pickup could not be completed because the carts were not properly placed, and garbage/recycling trucks were not able to pick up. Clerk had 12” letters printed out. 4 “G”s and 2 “R”s. Kevin will place these on the lids of the carts. While at the meeting, we were informed that 3 of the 4 trash carts (trash only pickup today) were taken out today with no issues.

Discussion held on W1872 Conservation Road. Supervisor Fischer communicating with Ted at Calumet County and then will contact the town’s attorney.

Clerk’s Report – Clerk shared documents that were emailed to her regarding disaster assistance through the State of Wisconsin Stafford Act for flooding occurring from August 17, through September 9, 2018.

Equalized value for 2018 is $113,051,100, an increase of $4,368,900 from 2017.

Chair’s Report – Discussion held on letter received from Calumet County Highway Department regarding the option of providing maintenance services for the town. MSC by Fischer/Gibler to not go with the county maintenance contract.

Road Supervisor’s Report – Water over the road on Stanelle Road. Need to install larger pipe on Hwy. 57. Unable to drain pond to get water off of Church and Stanelle Roads. Ditch cleaning can be done.

Don Micke would like to put in larger culvert (71”) with 1 squashed endwall (board recommends putting this on inlet end) and then rip-rap on outlet end. Town board is okay with this.

The Bluff Cemetery has 2-3 dead trees along the fence and overgrowth of brush and vines. Kevin will call Debbie who is on the Cemetery Committee to discuss this.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve vouchers 9061-9113

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to adjourn the meeting @ 8:18 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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