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Town Board Meeting
Mar 13, 2018

March 13, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Levi Gibler, Sharon Ott, Karen Jannette and Darryl Parkin attending.

Guests: Bob Stanelle, Cheri and Vince Hietpas, Joe Diener, Richard Jankowski and Carl Weber, Brian Horn, Pat Kruze, Deb Schneider.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to approve February meeting minutes.

Joe Diener, Captain of the Brillion Fire Department and Eric Birch, Assistant Deputy Chief, attended the meeting. Joe explained that last year the BFD had 57 calls, 27 in the city, 6 in the Town of Maple Grove and 2 in the Town of Brillion and 22 were mutual aid. They purchased an AED and gear. Also received a $2,000 donation from Hidden Treasures. Ladder Truck #82 had major hydraulic leak with a $7,000 repair cost. The fire department plans on providing training on their new defibrillator to businesses, the public, board members, etc. in the Brillion area. Currently the fire department has 29 members, Chief Diener would like to get that number back up to 35 members.

Brian Horn, Brillion School Board member, attended the board meeting to share a handout with those attending regarding a borrowing referendum on the ballot for the April 3rd election.

Fire Chief Weber contacted Head Insurance in Sherwood who made application with VFIS Insurance for the Fire Department and First Responders, since the Insurance Shoppe will no longer be carrying VFIS Insurance. After a 10-day waiting period Carl will be notified of acceptance. Once paperwork is signed the policy will become effective. No changes will be made to the policy.

MSC Fischer/Gibler to approve Operator’s License for Cross Highway BP in Forest Junction.

Quotes for Bastian and Harvestore Road culverts were reviewed. MSC Fischer/Gibler to approve a 40’ 13’-10” x 5’-5” aluminum box culvert on Bastian Road in the amount of $27,550. No decision was made on Harvestore Road culvert until Brian Glaeser is contacted.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to approve Treasurer’s Report.

Road inspection tour will take place on Friday April 6th at 7:00 a.m.

Clerk’s Report – Open Book will be held on April 17th from 9-11 am and Board of Review is scheduled for May 14th from 6-8 pm.

Clerk was contacted by resident on Tim Drive. There are 7 houses located on Tim Drive that belong to a home association that are in the process of dissolving the association. All residents are in agreement to dissolve the association.

Reviewed building reports, upcoming workshops.

First Responder Deb Schneider asked the clerk to do a letter to the State of Wisconsin regarding their operational plan.

Update from Cheri Hieptas on Forest Junction Mobile Home Park. In May, Asset Development plan on doing a curbstop review with the intent on repairing those that do not work.

Chair’s Report – There has been a complaint regarding heavy truck traffic and the placement of “No Trucking Signs” on Man-Cal Road. The board decided to keep the “No Trucking Signs” where they are currently located for now.

Brian Glaeser contacted Chairman Maile to update him on the Man-Cal Road bridge project funding. Brian recommended to skip applying for bridge aid this year and to reapply for the next cycle. There appears to be no funding for smaller projects this year.

Discussion held regarding rental property located at W1872 Conservation Road. Building Inspector, Paul Birschbach sent a certified letter to Dan VanLinn. Paul is also working on letter for Church Street.

Road Supervisor’s Report –

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve vouchers 8836-8876.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to adjourn the meeting @ 8:35pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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