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Town Board Meeting
May 09, 2017

May 9, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Levi Gibler, Karen Jannette, Sharon Ott and Darryl Parkin present.

Guests: Brent Jalonen - Calumet County Land and Water, Carl Weber, Heather Gibler-Calumet County Supervisor, Bob Stanelle, Richard Jankowski, Cheri and Vince Hietpas, Kurt Stanelle.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve April Board Meeting Minutes.

Public Participation –Brent Jalonen from Calment County Land and Water Department was in attendance to discuss the water filled barrow located behind 5 lots on Tim Drive. Some of the neighbors have started looking into the process of filling in the pit. Brent said that since the pit was never meant to be part of a stormwater management plan that it may be filled in as long as adequate drainage is maintained and all necessary permits are obtained. Calumet County would require an Erosion Control Permit due to the amount of fill that would be required and the Department of Natural Resources would need to determine wetland area before any work can begin. The 5 homeowners must be in agreement to fill it in as well and all costs would be the responsibilities of the home owners.

A town resident attended the board meeting to ask board if there was anything that could be done about the jake braking in the roundabout in Forest Junction. It happens every night starting at 1:00 and goes until 4 or 5 in the morning. He said it was good for a while but it is really bad now. Calumet County Supervisor Heather Gibler said she would talk with a colleague that may be able to help us. She will make some calls and let us know.

Treasurer’s Report – MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Treasurer’s Report.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Cheri Hieptas as Forest Junction Utility Commissioner for 6-year term from May 2017 to May 2023.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve bid from Northeast Asphalt to pulverize and repave 1 ½ miles of Rusch Road for $234,351.10.

Heather Gibler, Calumet County Supervisor, presented an Emergency Plan questionnaire for the board to review and complete if time permits. Motion made by Supervisor Gibler and seconded by Supervisor Fischer to readdress at the June Board Meeting.

Federal/State Bridge Aid for Man-Cal Road was discussed. Before we can apply for Federal/State aid, we need to approve the county assisting us in completing the application process. Supervisor Fischer would like more information regarding the cost of the project and will contact Brian Glaeser at the county highway department. Discussion and approval will be put on the Board of Review Agenda on May 24, 2017.

Clerk’s Report –

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Class “B” Licenses and Operator’s Licenses for FJFD picnic.

Discussion held on large item pickup. Clerk received 2 requests by email for large item pickup. Board stated that we do not have enough of a need for it to be cost effective. Clerk is keeping a list of requests.

Checking account from State Bank of Chilton is now in use. Remaining checks from Huntington will be destroyed. Huntington check numbers ended at 8441 and State Bank of Chilton checks started at 8450.

Chair’s Report –

Farmland Preservation Plan Kickoff meeting with towns will be held on May 23rd from 10:00 – noon at the Calumet County Courthouse in Room 025.

Road Supervisor’s Report –

Clerk will send email to area farm owners regarding applying for an annual permit for placing manure tanks in the towns ditch right-of-way. The application is on the town’s website.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve vouchers 8450-8488

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to adjourn the meeting @ 9:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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