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Town Board Meeting
Jul 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Levi Gibler, Karen Jannette, Sharon Ott and Darryl Parkin present.

Guests: Matthew Marmor – Calumet County Emergency Management, Carl Weber, Bob Stanelle, Cheri and Vince Hietpas, Heather Gibler, Patricia Kruse and Deb Schneider.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to approve June Board Meeting Minutes.

Public Participation – Patricia Kruse, who lives near the roundabout, stated that the engine breaking was getting worse, especially overnight into the early morning hours. She contacted the DOT and was emailed information stating that an ordinance needs to be created and approved by the county in order to install No Engine Breaking signs ahead of the roundabout. Once approved by the county is goes to the DOT. When all criteria is met by the DOT, the town would be able to purchase signs stating no engine breaking and Calumet County would install them. Kevin will contact Officer Brett Bowe for sample copies of ordinances. Clerk will create ordinance and put on August agenda.

Carl reported that at the recent fire chief’s conference he won a Green Hinge spring loaded hinge with free installation that he would like to try on an overhead door at the municipal building. If it works well and saves on heat bills all doors could be equipped with one. Carl also said that there is a Focus on Energy Rebate available on them as well. It was also noted that the seals need to be replaced on all overhead shop doors. Carl will get a quote from EZ Glide. A Focus on Energy Rebate may also be available on those.

Treasurer’s Report – MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Treasurer’s Report.

Matthew Marmor from Calumet County Emergency Management discussed what the town’s emergency plan should include as well as the responsibility of the board. Matthew suggested that a committee be created to determine who will make the decisions that need to be made and develop a chain of command. Matthew suggested that the committee work with Heather’s questionnaire and choose specific answers from those given to develop a plan and include in the example plan from Matt. Matthew offered to work with the committee if needed.

Discussion held on the Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network. Board decided not to sign resolution.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Certified Survey Map for Wink Irrevocable Trust.

Clerk received a Letter of Resignation effective August 1, 2017, from Bob and Marilyn Maile, from cemetery maintenance at 2 cemeteries and town hall lawn maintenance. Darryl and Paul will take over cutting the lawn at the cemeteries and town hall. Darryl and Paul will keep track of cemetery hours.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Isaac Nadler as a Town of Brillion First Responder.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to go into closed session to discuss employee issues.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to return to open session. Upon returning from closed session, the board reported that after a complaint has been received against an employee, a form will be given to the person filing the complaint, as well as the person who the complaint is being filed against. When an issue arises the board needs to get both sides of the complaint in written documentation. Clerk will create a policy on how to handle employee complaints to insert into employee handbook that will apply to all town employees.

Clerk’s Report –

Clerk asked town board for permission to purchase new cell phone to replace current flip phone. Clerk will look into possibility of combining Forest Junction Utility phone number and the town phone number on the same phone to avoid carrying two phones.

Clerk shared the summary report of well testing that was done by Calumet County in May.

Chair’s Report –

Chairman Maile was contacted regarding parking vehicles on the Struebing property for the Robert Hensel Auction that will be held on August 5th. The DNR said that no vehicles are allowed to park on the DNR land. The Nature Center is also having a function on that date so there will not be parking allowed there either. There will be no parking from County Road PP to Chevy Acres on either side of the road.

Road Supervisor’s Report –

NEA will begin blacktopping Rusch Road as soon as possible. The rains have put them behind schedule.

Darryl reported that approximately 10 road signs were stolen between Sunday July 9th and Monday July 10th. The road signs included Rusch, Boettcher and PP. Darryl reported it to the Sheriff’s Department.

Supervisor Fischer is working with Zach Brochtrup on ditch damage on his property.

MSC by Gibler/Fischer to approve vouchers 8509-8550.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to adjourn the meeting @ 9:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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