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Town Board Meeting
Feb 14, 2017

February 14, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Mike Berken, Karen Jannette, Sharon Ott and Darryl Parkin present.

Guests: Bob Stanelle, Richard Jankowski, Levi and Heather Gibler, Laura Hoerth-State Bank of Chilton, Gina Owens-State Bank of Chilton, Joe Diener-Captain City of Brillion Fire Department, Eric Birch-Assistant Deputy Chief, Cheri and Vince Hieptas, Peggy Zinkel, and Nancy Schley.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Fischer/Maile to approve January Board Meeting Minutes.

Laura Hoerth and Gina Owens from State Bank of Chilton discussed the benefits of switching to the State Bank of Chilton. Laura also mentioned that the bank would cover the cost of all fees associated with switching to their bank. They are a 6th generation bank and are managed by Laura and her husband.

Joe Diener, Captain of the Brillion Fire Department and Eric Birch, Assistant Deputy Chief, attended the meeting. Joe explained that last year the BFD had 58 calls and added 2 lieutenants. The 2017 operating budget is set at $148,000 which does not include a heavy rescue truck that they plan to purchase by the end of 2017, not to exceed $300,000. The truck must be able to seat 8 firefighters as well as JAWS of Life, ice and water rescue equipment, air bags, etc.

Public Participation – N/A

Treasurer’s Report – MSC by Fischer/Berken to approve January Treasurer’s Report.

First Responder’s Annual Audit was approved. MSC by Fischer/Berken to approve First Responder’s annual audit. Forest Junction Fire Department will be audited at the town’s annual audit in March.

Annual auditing of the town’s 2016 financial statement will be held on March 21st at 7:00 pm.

Clerk’s Report –

MSC by Berken/Fischer to approve Maintenance Agreement with Associated Appraisal through 2018.

MSC by Berken/Fischer to approve reimbursing the clerk 100% for the purchase of a computer tower, monitor, printer and router for $1081.00.

Discussion was held on the cost of large items picked up by Advanced Disposal directly from the resident’s house. Advanced Disposal clarified that large items are $50.00 but those that contain Freon (refrigerant) are $125.00. Discussion also held on using the funds from the ATC transmission money received to help residents off-set the cost, but it was decided by the board against it. Dani Santry from Calumet Land and Water Management had several suggestions for the ATC funds including Round Lake preservation and Clean Sweep,

Chair’s Report –

The town will not be applying for County Bridge Aid this year.

Town board will not do center striping provided by the county.

Calumet County Highway Department is requesting towns to obtain a Road Ditch Maintenance Permit good for one year. It is optional. Supervisor Fischer motioned to Opt out of the County Permit Application for Road Ditch Maintenance for this year. Seconded by Berken.

There are no planned projects that Wisconsin Public Service needs to be informed of.

Supervisor’s Report –

Hit and run accident occurred on the east side of Cemetery Road and destroyed the guardrail. Approximately 5 sections and 9 posts will need to be replaced.

MSC by Berken/Fischer to approve vouchers 8319-8370.

MSC by Fischer/Berken to adjourn the meeting @ 9:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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