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Town Board Meeting
Aug 08, 2017

August 8, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Wayne Maile, Kevin Fischer, Levi Gibler, Karen Jannette, Sharon Ott and Darryl Parkin present.

Guests: Bob Stanelle, Carl Weber, Richard Jankowski, Cheri and Vince Hietpas, Heather Gibler-Calumet County Supervisor.

Affidavit of Posting signed by chairman and clerk.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve July Board meeting minutes with one correction that notes Zach Brochtrup ‘s ditch damage was not corrected yet and is still being worked on.

Public Participation – Carl reported that pump testing will be conducted for 3 days at the fire station. Potter will be participating in the testing too. Carl also mentioned that the Cheesehead run will be held again this year with over 1500 people registered.

Vince asked if action was taken regarding the Emergency Management Plan? Supervisor Fischer said that we decided to form a committee. Vince thinks it is not needed and we have people in place, like Fire Chief Weber, to take care of emergency situations.

Cheri inquired about the closed session the board went into in July, specifically the form that the clerk created to document complaints. Supervisor Fischer explained that is was a form to have all sides of an employee complaint documented on paper. Cheri asked if this included the Forest Junction Utilities and Supervisor Fischer said yes it does. The employee complaint form would go to the utilities for the commissioners to handle. The town would help the utilities resolve the employee complaint if needed. The form’s main objective is to document and get the facts.

Richard questioned the board as to why both the Forest Junction Utilities and the town each had lawn mowers, instead of sharing a mower and the cost associated with it like insurance, repairs, gas, etc. Supervisor Fischer explained that the sanitary district just covers a small entity within the town, and residents on the other side of the town do not want to pay for it.

Also, ditches on the south side of Hwy 10 need cleaning on Tiffany and Randolph Streets. Permission would be needed to clean the ditches and we would need to contact owners before anything could be done. Cleaning would not be done until fall. Discuss at September board meeting. Residents who own property along the ditches include, Stahl, Behnke, Roggenbauer and Bates.

Treasurer’s Report – MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Treasurer’s Report.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Certified Survey Map for James Struebing to sell Lot 1 and keep Lot 2.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Operator License and Temporary Class “B” License for Forest Junction Civic League Picnic.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve 2017 Annual Recycling Resolution.

MSC by Fischer/Gibler to approve Engine Break Ordinance 2017-08. Heather took a copy of the ordinance to share with the appropriate Calumet County personnel. If signage is approved for the town to order, the town would like to purchase 6 signs and would place 2 on Hwy 57, 2 on Hwy 10 and 2 on County Road PP to cover both west and east ends of town.

Discussion continued on complaint from resident Zach Brochtrup regarding his lawn damage. Supervisor Fischer will work with Zach on trying to reach an agreement.

Supervisor Fischer left at 7:45 pm.

Clerk’s Report –

Applied and received Tax Exempt number (CES).

Chair’s Report – none

Road Supervisor’s Report –

Rusch Road paving will begin tomorrow. Northeast Asphalt will get water from the Forest Junction Utilities lift station.

MSC by Gibler/Maile to approve vouchers 8545-8574.

MSC by Maile/Gibler to adjourn the meeting @ 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Karen Jannette, Clerk

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