The Town of Brillion, as a member of the Eastshore Recycling Commission, will begin transitioning to a new single-stream recycling program using a 96-gallon cart. The cost to the resident for this new collection service will be $1.50 per month, per container, or $18.00 per year, which will show up as an assessment on your property tax bill.

Recycling collection will stay on the same dates, the only difference will be that you will not be using plastic bags or paper bags to place your recycling curbside, instead you will place all your recycling together in the 96-gallon cart. Recycling will now be all mixed together. All recycling including paper, plastic, tin, glass and cardboard will all be placed in your 96-gallon cart. No plastic bags or string/twine will be allowed in the carts. Recycling will no longer be picked up unless it is in the 96-gallon cart. Advanced Disposal drivers will not be allowed to get out of the truck to pick up recycling. The process will be completely automated as it is for trash pickup.

The exact date for the carts to be delivered to each municipality has not been determined yet, expected time frame is within the next 2 months.  Each container delivered will include a packet of information on recycling guidelines and updates.

The recycling carts are owned by Advanced Disposable Services and will stay with the home just like the trash cart. If you have any questions please contact the clerk at or

Thank you.

Karen Jannette
Clerk, Town of Brillion

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