Welcome to the Town of Brillion's website.

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If you have any questions or comments please email the clerk, Karen Jannette, at clerk@townofbrillion.com or see the Contact Information and Frequently Asked Questions tab located on the side menu for details.

If you need to reach the Treasurer, Sharon Ott, for a special assessment letter, survey or tax information please call 920-989-1367.

To speak with someone regarding zoning issues please contact Calumet County Zoning office at 920-849-1442.

For building permits please call Paul Birschbach at 849-9274.

For information regarding Forest Junction Utilities you can reach Peggy Zinkel at 920-205-4606. 

Thank you - and have a great day!

Calendar of Events

Mar 02, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
Mar 06, 2017, Mon 08:00pm
Mar 14, 2017, Tue 07:00pm
Apr 03, 2017, Mon 08:00pm
Apr 06, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
Apr 11, 2017, Tue 07:00pm
May 01, 2017, Mon 08:00pm
May 04, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
May 09, 2017, Tue 07:00pm
Jun 01, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
Jun 05, 2017, Mon 08:00pm
Jun 13, 2017, Tue 07:00pm
Jul 03, 2017, Mon 08:00pm
Jul 06, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
Jul 11, 2017, Tue 07:00pm